Our Focus

We offer healthy, portioned, clean meals for individuals or families to suit your busy lifestyle.

This Week's Menu!


-> Deadline to order: 5pm day before.

->Please get on Project Broadcast by texting “add me” to 940-213-2464 to stay on top of any changes, &  a weekly reminder to order. ;)

THIS WEEK: All 3 Chicken Salad by the lb.

OG Chicken Salad: Relish, Walnuts, Mayo.

Kickin Chicken Salad: Jalapeño, Serranos, Green Onion, Mayo 

Holiday Chicken Salad: Apples, Cranberries, Mayo, Pecans! 

REMINDER! I can modify meals to your needs, likes!! Use the “Special Instructions” for each day!

Mon. Dec 4th FAVE! 

Asian Steak, Oriental Veggies, Fried Rice with peas, carrots, eggs. GF. DF. Oriental: Green beans, mushroom, red bell peppers, broccoli.

Tues. Dec 5th DHS Football Team FAVE!!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bowl with Cheese, Potatoes, and Green Beans on the side! GF. Contains Dairy. Ranch on side ON REQUEST.   

ALSO COLD LUNCH BOXES! Pick your sandwich or CS cup!  

Wed. Dec 6th FAVE! 

New Years Eve Soup! Andouille Sausage, Cabbage, Bacon, Onions. GF. DF. 

Thurs. Dec 7th WINTER FAVE! 

Jenns Meatloaf, Grilled Broccoli, Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes with butter.  GF. Can request no dairy.   

ALSO COLD LUNCH BOXES! Pick your sandwich or CS cup!

 Fri. Dec 8th 

No Meal.


Game Day Family Packs on request only any day!! :) $35  They include 1.5lbs chicken salad of your choice, appx. 5 cups veggies and fruit, with homemade ranch. Text Jenn to order these.  940-389–1952

->Make sure you get a confirmation email that your order was successful. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE PAYING, please text me. I have Venmo and Cash app as well. I appreciate you!!



Dec 4-8th

Please Note Portion Sizes:

Large Meal: 5oz Protein, 3/4 Cup Veggies, One Cup Carbs (3/4 cup on rice, and quinoa)
Small Meal: 3oz Protein, 3/4 Cup Veggies, 1/2 Cup Carbs

Family of Four: 1 Large Serving, 3 Small Servings (1lb protein)
Family of Five: 2 Large Servings, 3 Small Servings (1lb 4oz protein)
Family of Six: 3 Large Servings, 3 Small Servings. (1lb 9oz protein)

Schools delivered at lunchtime.

Body Balance delivered by NOON.  

Best Value Renshaw Drug and Crave delivered by 12:30pm Kitchen Pick up ready by 12:30

ValueRite in Bridgeport, GFC Paradise, all delivered by 3pm daily.  

JROBS will now have a couple extra meals for sale and drop off by 3pm. :)

All meals made with fresh local meat from Wise Choice Custom Meats! Please check them out at 3721 US HWY 287 Decatur




Being a Personal Trainer since 2003, I’ve seen and learned the importance myself, of eating clean. As a mom of 2, I appreciate the convenience, and efficiency from any service that allows me to be the mom and owner I need to be. I’ve always been taught, if you see a problem, fix it. Having fresh, healthy, yummy tasting food on the go was not available. So, I started cooking for our community to fill a need in October 2017. It’s my heart and passion to build people up and help them live healthier lifestyles. Providing clean meals is just another platform that allows me to do that! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to impact more people in a positive way!

Customer Testimonials

“Special thanks to Jenn at Kenepela’s Kitchen!! You are absolutely hands down the best and I do not know what me or my family (Uncles) would do without you! I’m a caretaker to one of my uncles who is unable to work for health reasons and all his food has to be puréed. My other uncle works long hours and needs help with his brother. I started using Jenn several years ago for all of us!  SOO thankful it helps my family, my Uncles and also helps them eat healthy! The best part is the food is fresh, healthy, and delicious! Thank you for all everything you do!”

-Julie Taylor

“I want to thank Jenn at Kenepelas Kitchen for making awesome meals and helping me stay on track. I started my weight loss journey in Oct of 2018 but the weight didn’t start to come off as much until Feb 2019, when I got on her meals! What I love most is that they are made daily and I know I have to go pick them up at the gym, so there’s no excuse not to workout when I go! Also, who wouldn’t want fresh meals everyday?! Thanks Kenepelas Kitchen for helping me lose these 31lbs!”

– Lisa Rodriguez

“My son Read LOVES his food from Kenepelas Kitchen! (So does his dad and I!) His favs are the broccoli, (which he always says is better than mine) lol, and the pot roast! (he says is as good as pie!) This food is gooood! Healthy has changed our lives, mostly mine since I don’t cook dinner anymore! Thank you Kenepelas Kitchen!”

– Molly Hunter